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Parents & Caregivers

This website is designed to support organizations that work with children.  But there are many good resources to support parents and caregivers.  If you notice that your child or someone else you love is having a hard time, you are not alone.

Below are some resources to help.

Hand Hold logo is a family friendly website designed for parents of school-aged children in Massachusetts who are worried about their child’s mental health. Is your kid just being a kid, or is their behavior something to worry about? If so, what are the next steps you can take? HandHold will help you figure that out.

Family Resource Centers Logo

Can you imagine a place nearby where people of all ages, incomes and abilities are welcome to develop helpful and caring connections with each other? A place where skilled and thoughtful professionals help parents, children and families find emotional support, practical assistance and solutions for health, safety, educational and employment services?

That place is part of the Massachusetts FRCs network and is already in your own area. Here are some of the ways FRCs help families:

  • Bring people together for friendship and mutual support.
  • Strengthen parenting skills.
  • Respond to family crises.
  • Link families to services and opportunities.
  • Help children develop social and emotional skills.
  • Observe and respond to early warning signs of child abuse and neglect.
  • Value and support parents.

Supported by the Department of Children and Families, a Family Resource Center is located in each of the 14 Massachusetts counties.

Find the Family Resource Center closest to you.

LINK-KID: A Centralized Referral System

LINK-KID maintains an active database of providers across the state trained in trauma-focused, evidence-based practices, including information about waitlists, language capacity and insurances accepted. LINK-KID staff:

  • Screen for trauma exposure and trauma-related symptoms.
  • Discuss appropriate treatment options with caregivers and/or referral sources.
  • Make a referral to an appropriate service.
  • Update caregivers and referral sources on the status of the youth’s referral regularly.

Contact LINK-KID: Call 1-855-LINK-KID for families and the community to streamline the link between children in need of evidence-based trauma treatment and mental health providers who are trained in these treatments.

For more information, visit LINK-KID.