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Becoming Trauma-Informed and Responsive

By becoming Trauma-Informed and Responsive (TIR), adults working with children and youth and child-serving organizations can play a vital role in supporting the healthy development of all children.

Individuals and organizations working with children, youth and families have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives by:

The Massachusetts Childhood Trauma Task Force, which is led by the state Office of the Child Advocate, developed a Framework for Trauma-Informed and Responsive Organizations in 2020. This guide is meant to help child-serving individuals and organizations better understand the many different opportunities they have to foster healing and avoid amplifying traumatic stress. The Framework includes:

Implementing this framework will require time, effort, support and financial resources. Some organizations have already adopted many of the practices in this framework, while for others, these ideas may be newer and require more effort to implement. Wherever you are at, the Center on Child Wellbeing & Trauma is here to help: