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Cohort-Specific Resources for Trauma-Informed and Responsive (TIR) Organizations

The Childhood Trauma Task Force (CTTF) developed a Framework for Trauma-Informed and Responsive Organizations to provide child-serving professionals and organizations with a shared understanding of trauma-informed and responsive (TIR) care as well as guidance on how to implement a TIR approach at all levels of an organization.

While the Framework provides a general overview of the ways organizations can support children and families who have experienced trauma, the way the Framework is applied will vary depending on the specific needs and experiences of certain cohorts of children.  As such, the CTTF has developed a curated list of cohort-specific resources consisting of guides, webinars, short documents, and toolkits.

The CTTF will continue to collect relevant resources on this topic. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email Melissa Threadgill, the Ofice of the Child Advocate’s Director of Juvenile Justice Initiatives at

Framework for Trauma-Informed and Responsive (TIR) Organizations

Children, Youth, and Families of Color

Immigrant and Refugee Youth

LGBTQ+ Youth

Youth in Foster Care

Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Military Families