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Executive Director Audrey Smolkin discusses center on Senator Chandler’s “Beacon Hill Chat” with Office of the Child Advocate Director Maria Mossaides

The Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma (CCWT) Executive Director Audrey Smolkin and Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate Director Maria Mossaides recently joined Massachusetts State Senator Harriette Chandler on her WCCA TV show “Beacon Hill Chat” to discuss the center and how a trauma-responsive approach can make a positive difference in children’s lives. Smolkin and Mossaides discuss how the CCWT provides organizations and professionals with trauma-informed and responsive (TIR) resources – available virtually on this website and through in-the-field trainings – to help children thrive and grow into healthy adults. They also talked about the initial successes and positive outcomes the program has seen since its official launch in 2021 and how the center can be a model for addressing childhood trauma in states across the country.

You can watch the full interview here or below.