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Collaborating for a Healthy Greater Worcester

In partnership with the Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma, the Worcester Trauma, Resiliency & Racial Equity Training Institute offered a series of opportunities to learn to use trauma-informed knowledge and skills to promote racial equity and resilience in Worcester this winter.

The sessions covered three areas:

  1. Foundational Course: This training is for staff, leadership, and volunteers in both public and private sectors interested in the principles of trauma, the trauma of racism, the value of supporting resiliency, and racial equity. The program includes discussion, reflection, breaks, and activities that will help participants apply learning to their everyday work.
  2. Supporting Change Agents: This series is an intensive opportunity for those looking to develop specific projects in their community and those interested in exploring being a trauma-informed racial equity facilitator. Participants will work to develop a personalized toolkit of practical quality improvement strategies, strengthen trauma-informed, racial equity presentation and facilitation skills (including exploring becoming a part of the Training Institute facilitation team), and enhance their individual and collective care practices, including connecting with fellow advocates in the work.
  3. Community of Practice: This series operates as a network for continued education and support in application of principles resulting in improved quality of care in public and private agencies.

While this some of the series’ sessions are now closed, you can learn more by reaching out to

Update: March training dates are now available for the foundational course.

Later this spring, we will have a toolkit with materials from the trainings available on the website.