Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester Update

Since January 2022, the Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester (Coalition), in partnership with the Center, has worked with 106 different participants between all three training modes offered. The Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester has held two Foundational Courses and will be launching a third for staff, leadership, and volunteers in the public and private sectors. The Foundational Course provides trauma-informed knowledge and skills to promote racial equity and resilience through presentation, dialogue, opportunities for reflection, racial affinity spaces, identifying learning and practice within and outside the training space, emotional and stress management tools, shared definitions and understanding of key terms, and analysis of local data and information.

Additionally, the Coalition launched a “Supporting Change Agents” series, which is designed to support graduates of the Foundational Course. The participants in the series will apply their work to specific projects within their professional or personal work, including developing Racial Equity Leadership Teams within organizations and designing public or private advocacy campaigns. They will also be able to participate in a train-the-trainer program to explore joining the facilitation team for the core training and expand local capacity for delivering the curricula. The final component is a “Community of Practice” series to build a supportive network for continued education and support in the application of principles –  resulting in improved quality of care in public and private agencies.

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This training is on Equality ? the classroom should only be involved in the curriculum that of the aspect of learning of what is been taught for many years and that is reading, writing, arithmetic, civic, history, science. Leave the rest up to the parents of what they wish in addition to them learning…of course you have to have trauma involved because of what is being taught now.

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