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Historical Trauma in America With Ingrid Cockhren, CEO, PACEs Connection

Join us to hear how historical trauma impacts American society, including the socio-political landscape of today as well as the health of Americans. Ingrid will show us the links between historical trauma and the current mental health crisis, social determinants of health, and the disparities and inequities present in our communities today. Ingrid Cockhren, CEO of PACEs Connection, has dedicated her professional life to investigating and educating the public about the link between early trauma, early adversity, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), positive childhood experiences, and the consequences that occur across the lifespan. Specializing in creating equitable and inclusive environments within organizations, collective impacts, and grassroots movements, Cockhren uses her knowledge of stress, trauma, historical trauma, human development, and psychology to translate research concerning diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) and trauma-informed practices into community, workplace, and organizational solutions. Cockhren’s experience includes juvenile justice, family counseling, early childhood education, professional development, consulting, and community education. She is currently an adjunct professor specializing in Black psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and personality theory at Tennessee State University.